Our products are marketed with ready-to-use surface, which do not require oil application after placement. The surface finishing of a flooring product is determined exclusively by the porosity of the planned surface, its expected luminosity and resistance. Our company uses oxidising surface finishing oils, air-drying hard waxes, and for many products, uv-oil finishing. What we use for a specific procedure, it is determined by the method we use to reach the expected effect on the surface.

It is important to know that the emission of agglutination materials, surface finishing oils and varnishes in all our flooring products are tested by the german Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik institution’s emission tests. During a test of 28 days, everything emissing from the products are measured in a special device. If no data is measured on the 8th day in the chamber, the test is closed, which means that no emission can be measured from the product. We possess three of the above described results, closed on the 8th day, you may inform about our permissions in the certificates section.

We do not believe in calling the solvent-containing compounds plant-based oils or “bio”. All modern procedures use solvents, additives, artificially produced pigments. If these procedures are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then after the consolidation or drying the product does not contain any unhealthy, evaporating or emitting compound. The air drying products dry, the uv-products consolidate into a solid, resistant surface during multi-layer hardening. Therefore the aboves are no factors when selecting specific flooring surfaces.

This is nothing less, but a “stop-and-go” approach. It is indisputable, that the truly natural, wooden effect is given by the oxidative oils. What we expect from a wainscot is mostly given by the hard oils, which are hardening in an insignificant amount on the surface, and are mostly volatile. Hae a completely matte, but saturate colour, a natural surface and tactile structures.

At the same time, their stability cannot be compared to an uv-base finishing of 2-3 layers, which gives several decades of protection for the wainscot, after the hardening. In the case of our company, we can’t talk about uv-oils in the traditional sense. We possess decades of experience in this field, we are able to produce 5 Gloss matte and breathing surfaces with photo-polymer products. We let our clients choose freely between the uv and oxidative oils. In our Monte Titano product line we use both of them, in equal amount.

We do not paint, we colour the wood. The Tannin present in the oak trees is our friend. We paint significant amount of our products with materials which occur in the nature. We work with inorganic compounds, salts, sulphates and alkalies, in the form of aqueous solutions. Each of these procedures are the results of a decade long development work, and these are unique knowledge.

Surface finishing enhances a product’s appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance. Techniques vary from plating and anodizing to powder coating, each tailored to specific material and use requirements, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional longevity.

Our floor manufacturing plant does not rely on a single, constant paint industry supplier. We work together with many reputed companies in the field of surface finishing. From everyone we acquire products which they produce in the best quality. This is the way we strive to keep the exceptionalism and diversity, which characterize us in the flooring industry.

We produce safe, durable products.


As a manufactory, we can customize surfaces, colors, and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to show you the range of possibilities we can offer.


We are currently in the process of expanding our partner network. If you are a flooring installer or distributor and are interested in an exclusive partnership, we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss future opportunities.